What Are the Roles for a Real Estate Agent?

Today I wanted to break down the three roles that a real estate agent can take.

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Not all real estate agents do the same thing. There are actually three different roles that a real estate agent can take on.

One of the roles that an agent might have is a listing agent. Listing agents represent the seller. It’s important for the agent to figure out what price they’re going to set the home for, do all the marketing to get the home sold, and coordinate any showings. The listing agent should also be able to help coordinate any inspections needed on the property.

Another role that an agent may have is a buyer's agent. Buyer's agents first meet with the buyer to ensure they are qualified with a lender—they do this so they're aware of how much their client can afford. They will then start showing the buyer properties that fit their needs and lifestyle. If a buyer likes the property, then the buyer’s agent will help them put together an offer and start negotiations for the home.

It’s important for a dual agent to stay as neutral as possible.

Lastly, an agent may be a dual agent. This means that they will be representing both a buyer and a seller. It’s important for a dual agent to remain as neutral as possible and not disclose information that might jeopardize either the buyer or seller. However, in certain situations, it may be better to have two agents working on a deal, instead of using a dual agent.

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