Why Do Dabblers Get Destroyed?

Today I’ll explain why you should study and master the game to become a true business owner and investor instead of dabbling.

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Dabblers get destroyed.

What do I mean by that?

I started working in real estate 30 years ago when I was only 17 years old. I stayed the course and did really well. My success encouraged my friends and family to join, thinking it was easy. But it wasn’t.

How did I make it look so easy? I’m a firm believer that you must learn before you earn. You must master and study the game and then go for it fearlessly.

I got so good at real estate that Tom Ferry asked me to be a coach. So, I mastered, studied, and learned the coaching business and got really good at it.

Again, some people thought it was easy. They followed my lead and found out it was not easy.

Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki’s wisdom in “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” I learned about the cashflow quadrant. Most people are employees who attempt to break into the real estate business as either agents or fixer flippers. They remain in the “S” quadrant or self-employed quadrant.

I am here to invite you to explore the business and investment quadrant. Explore the idea of being a business owner and true investor.

What does it take to be either? Call me and I’ll go over this in more detail.

If you start thinking bigger and doing bigger things, then bigger, better things will happen for you.

You must move into that quadrant. Why? Who wants to work forever? Have you heard of the 40-40-40 plan? You work 40 hours a week, 40 years of your life, to live on 40% of your income. Who really wants that plan? Nowadays, some people can’t even survive 40 years in a job.

So, focus on massive, passive income. Let’s not get confused—I’m not leaving the real estate business.  The whole point of me sharing this is I’m looking to buy apartments and multi-units through my investment company. If the folks don’t want to sell to me on great terms such as seller financing, I will sell it for top dollar retail at my brokerage.

I am on a mission to help as many people including myself, my family, and my team to reach this quadrant with me. Pick up Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to learn more about the quadrants—it is phenomenal.

Don’t think I am moving in too many directions—it’s all real estate. Someone said, “Hey Joe, you can’t ride so many horses at once. You have to just ride one.” Try telling that to Elon Musk. Elon Musk has multiple companies: SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. I have a long way to catch up to him. But, if you start thinking bigger and doing bigger things, then bigger, better things will happen for you and your family.

I want to help wonderful people who want to pursue the business and investment quadrant. Remember, dabblers get destroyed.

Give me a call or send me an email with any questions. You can also stop by my office and we can discuss this in more detail. I would be happy to help you!