Thank You All for Your Support

Life isn’t all green grass and sunshine. It helps to have the support from all of you during the cloudy days.

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We all have those moments in our lives where things just don’t seem fair. I had a few of those this year myself. Not only did my beloved father pass away, but our home flooded as well. Although neither of those situations is fun to deal with, I’m so thankful I had support from all of you every step of the way.

To all the friends that stuck around, my clients that understood what was going on, and my wife and two kids who really saw it all.. thank you.

I want to add great value in 2018.

I have to bounce back stronger, and am looking to finish this year off strong. We are looking at multiple acquisitions, serving great coaching clients, and adding new members to the team.

I want to add great value in 2018. That is my New Year's resolution! Whether that be coaching you, mentoring you, helping you buy or sell a home, or building your real estate portfolio, that's what I want to do.

Have an amazing holiday. I am truly grateful for all of you.