Your Offer Has Been Accepted - Now What?

What happens when your offer on a home gets accepted?

As soon as your offer is accepted, put down your earnest money deposit into escrow to show that you are serious about closing on the property. You should also let the bank know that your offer has been accepted. That way, the bank can order an appraisal right away to make sure that the home is worth the amount you’re buying it for.

Next, you will hire a home inspector to check out the property and make sure that there are no major repairs that need to be made. If repairs do need to be made, you can negotiate these repairs with the seller.

Do not skip the home inspection.

Lastly, do a final walkthrough of the home right before closing. Use this time to make sure that the property is in the same condition it was when you made the offer. You don’t want to buy a property only to find out that something got damaged during closing.

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