With 20 Years of Experience, We Helped Margaret Build Relationships as a Realtor

“Joe, would, one, actually listen when I had an issue or come up upon a situation that I haven’t had before in my short term experience as a realtor and he’s been a realtor for twenty years, plus. So, he listened, he understands, he also is a fantastic problem solver. He’s also very motivating. He always has words of encouragement and can guide you in the right way. Through his coaching, he has given me discipline with a schedule. He’s made me understand the value of offering an abundance of not only experience and information but customer care. I was previously focused on my education so I had a lot of knowledge about my area of expertise, but I didn’t know how to showcase that. So, Joe helped me find my path in marketing and how to network, and how to make phone calls, scripts, what to say, that way it showcased the value in the information that I was providing clients so that I can build that long term report. It’s not just a one-on-one transaction. We are trying to build relationships.”

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