How we Stayed Committed to Supporting Our Client

“He went above and beyond in 2000. In 2000, one of his first home sales mine. I was one of his first clients and he actually sacrificed, maybe I shouldn’t say this, because he actually sacrificed some of his commission to ensure that I was happy. I had a termite infested pergola, like a backyard patio, and we didn’t catch it during the sale and inspection. And so I complained about it and he actually, to keep me happy as a client, he actually refunded me part of his commission. And at the time it was $500, I thought that was a lot of money at the time and I was one of his first clients. After that incident, I felt bad I took money out of him as one of his first clients, but he kept the customer happy and I alway refer people to him, I said there’s no other realtors I would go to beyond him. I tell them that he’s honest, fair, he’s smart and he has the experience in a difficult challenging industry and they’re getting one of the best when they hire him on.”

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