Avoid These Mistakes When Buying New Construction Properties

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As a San Diego Realtor, I often see buyers make the same common mistakes. Today, we'll review the most frequent ones I notice in the surrounding area that could otherwise be easily dodged and avoided.
  1. You don’t hire a real estate professional. Recently, I had a client towards the East Coast call me before beginning their property search. They knew I had insight on the San Diego market, so they came to me prior to taking any further steps. Realtors particularly understand local markets to help you purchase new property with your best interests in mind.

  2. You don’t read the fine print. Agreements are long and extensive. Buyers often overlook HUD, Homeowners Associations, and other details. You need to understand all the terms and conditions with your agreement, and a Realtor can help you review everything.

  3. You plan poorly. Know when you should be closing escrow, moving out of your current home or rental, and hiring the movers. Again, a professional can walk you through this timeline and create one personalized for your situation.

If you have any questions about this topic or buying in the San Diego area, I’d be happy to help! Make it a powerful day!

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