Six Things to Remember When Renovating in San Diego

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Plan ahead. People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan! Plan everything, including time, cost, and more. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Overestimate your cost. Don’t cap your budget too low when renovating. Some appliances might require a larger investment for exceptional quality.

Consider all loan options. Sometimes, a line of credit or home equity line will be better than refinance. The opposite also applies. There are other available directions, such as cashing out. Figure out the best for your situation.

Get quotes from three licensed contractors. Don’t rely on one client! Understand the market and talk to multiple vendors. This could save you thousands of dollars alone. Additionally, ensure their license is still active.

Stick to the plan. Don’t overindulge! It’s easy to get caught in the mix and overspend. For instance, a relative might offer unsolicited advice and pressure you to spend more. Don’t give in.

Overestimate your time frame. It never hurts to have time left over. Don’t plan in a short period of time; you’ll run out of time quickly.

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